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Driven by my profound love for dogs, I founded PAW-Lished with the utmost dedication to their well-being. Embracing dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, my mission is to ensure their optimal care at every opportunity. At my salon located on Sandfield Radbrook Road in Shrewsbury, I offer professional canine fertility services. From comprehensive tests to expert advice and detailed scans, I provide a range of services to support successful breeding. Explore the array of services I offer and feel free to reach out for further information. Together, let’s nurture the future generation of happy and healthy dogs.

Fertility testing, artificial insemination and pregnancy scans for dogs

When it comes to mating and breeding, ensuring the health, safety and care of your dog is paramount. At PAW-Lished, I provide a range of services to help you care for your dog at every step of the process.

Factors that dissuade a natural mating

Many problems can affect and prevent mating to occur naturally. It is for these reasons that Artificial Insemination (AI) is the best and most effective remedy to the problems occurring in natural mating. Common examples of problems that can dissuade a natural mating include:-

Behavioural problems, aggressiveness is the most common behavioural problem and the aggressive tendencies almost always come from the bitch. Other Behavioural problems include shyness, poor socialisation, and lack of understanding, especially for the first time canines.

Location constraints are a further example of factors that dissuade natural mating if the male and female canines are located in distant locations.

Anatomical defects are another example of factors that can dissuade a natural mating and some common examples include vaginal septum – a vaginal anomaly that is partition within the vagina; such a septum could be either longitudinal or transverse and vaginal hypoplasia – which refers to the underdevelopment of the vagina or birth canal and may be present in various grades.

Vaginal diseases are an obvious cause of concern for both the stud and bitch owners, especially if the risk of such diseases is increased through the regular stud of the male canine.

Services offered

Artificial Insemination (AI)
Artificial Insemination is an imitation of the natural act of mating. It involves instillation of semen removed from the male dog into the uterus of a bitch during the most fertile time of her estrus cycle. Artificial insemination is an assisted reproductive technique that can be used to compensate for some causes of canine infertility or factors that dissuade natural mating.
Prices start at £40

Progesterone Testing
Progesterone is a hormone and it’s role is to help prepare a female canine body for pregnancy. The progesterone test measures the level of progesterone in the blood and allows us to identify if the female is ovulating and ready to be mated.
Price: £45

Cytology Testing
Vaginal cytology is performed on female dogs during their estrus cycle to help determine the optimum time to breed and enhance the success of pregnancy. The types of cells present in the vagina vary depending on the stage of estrus. A swab is taken of the cells lining the vagina and analyzed under a microscope
Price: £40

Reverse Progesterone Testing
Reverse Progesterone testing is also useful to monitor the level as it needs to stay elevated to sustain a pregnancy, it also falls to end a pregnancy and trigger whelping.
Price: £40

Ultrasound Scanning
Here at PAW-Lished I have the latest Vet Master Pro 4k portable scanner, high definition LED crystal display, you can see your future puppies in style.
Price: £40

Semen Analysis
Using specialist equipment at PAW-Lished I can identify the quality, quantity and mobility of the stud dog’s semen.
Price: £40

Stud dogs available from £250

Stud Dog Services

If you are looking for a dachshund stud, contact me at PAW-Lished and come and meet the very handsome Niko.


Niko is a chocolate and tan miniature dachshund. He is stunning example of the breed in both his looks and temperament, he has an excellent pedigree, KC Registered with a five generation enhanced pedigree. He is confirmed to be PRA clear, fully vaccinated, health checked, wormed and flead. He is a proven stud dog with 100% pregnancy success rate.

The cost of my stud services is £350 which includes two artificial inseminations.

You can meet Niko at my salon in Shrewsbury, and also book your perfect pooch in for a treat with any of my grooming services. Contact me today for more information or to have a chat about breeding.

What my clients have to say:

Katie C – Facebook

I took my mini dachshunds for a nail cut and shampoo. Claire was professional and confident. My nervous doggy’s where put at ease straightaway. I wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else. Highly recommend! 🐾

Carol A – Facebook

Claire is an amazing lady , very professional and friendly , nothing is too much trouble and always available by phone for any questions . I definitely recommend her she really is amazing . Thank you for everything . Five stars

Janet P – Facebook

We love how Spike has been cared for in the great hands of Claire! You just need to mention he’s going to see Claire and he’s waiting by the door !

Gemma P – Facebook

Claire is such a lovely lady, both my girls know where they are going. When I take them, Claire’s happy to give knowledge as and where you need it. She makes me feel relaxed about everything she truly is a legend, always able to speak and returns a call.

Alison A – Facebook

We took our puppy Daisy to Claire for her first groom. Claire was friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job. We especially loved the little bow she popped on Daisy’s collar! Professional, friendly service. Thank you.

For more information about dog fertility testing and artificial insemination, please reach out to PAW-Lished Canine Grooming & Fertility Services in Shrewsbury at 07949 188668